All films featured directed by Noele Kyle Cunanan



2017 - Created as the culmination of the Digital Media Production program. The assignment was to create a 15 minute short film, with pre-production taking one semester, and production and post taking another.

Inspired by spy thrillers and political intrigue, and referred to joking in pre-production as "the Metal Gear Movie", this short film about secret government bioweapons and the people who care about them was initially focused on the character of the scientist, and her moral struggle with creating the weapon. Right as filming was about to begin, scheduling conflicts and unexpected family emergencies forced 2 of the three originally cast actors to leave, creating the need for last-minute recasts. Halfway through production, the new lead actress was forced to leave due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, and the film was rewritten to salvage what footage was already filmed into the final story.

Damien's House

2016 - Created as part of the Digital Media Production 2 class. The Assignment was to create a narrative short film.

The concept for this film began as a haunted house story, which evolved into the drug-dealer betrayal film it ultimately became.

Co-Directed by Nicholas Gobert, Ishan Patel, and Joey Walner.

Starring Christian Queyrouze as Ben, James Dodson as Sam, Joey Walner as Man, and Todd Mathieu as Damien.

Various Sizes of Water Containers

2016 - Created as part of the Digital Media Production 2 class. The assignment was to create a non-narrative short film.

Inspired by the 2008 documentary "Bringing Godzilla Down to Size: The Art of Japanese Special Effects", this film was made with one of the simplest and most effective of visual effects: a water tank and an upside down camera creating the illusion of objects emerging from the surface of the ocean. The highly controversial ending was part of the earliest drafts of the script, and was unfortunately left in place for the final edit.

Co-directed by Brooke Bond.

Starring Haley Nameth as Confused Water Girl.


2016 - Created as part of the Digital Media Production 2 class, the assignment was to create a short Typography-based video that featured After Effects animation and Green Screen background replacement.

Starring Hannah Kobrin as Subtitle Girl.

Colorless Aura Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


2015 - Created as part of the Digital Media Production 1 class, the assignment was to create a chase scene.

The idea of approaching the chase as a horror came up early in the writing and design of the film. Filmed in one of the oldest and most likely to be actually haunted of the dormitories of Tulane University. 

Co-Directed by Jack-Henry Kay and Alejandra Castillo

Starring Harrison Samuels as Boy and Jack-Henry Kay as Ghost.

Marvin the Paranoid Android Music Video

2015 - Culminating project of the Digital Arts 1 class to exercise skills in Premier. Assignment was to create a music video primarily using Premier, using skills accumulated throughout the course. 

Telling the story of an unhappy robot servant that dreams of a more pleasant, nature-based life, the look of this film was designed with a focus on camera angles, editing, and stock footage use to both match the tone of the song, and to make up for a shortage of time and resources. The visual of the human eye visible through the robot head is used to create a connection between audience and robot servant, as only the audience can see through the robot exterior to the pained, aching soul beneath.

Starring Hailey Richmond-Boudewyns as The Robot Servant and Mauricio Rivera-Vera as The Robot's Mean Owner.

Music is "Marvin" performed by Stephen Moore as Marvin the Paranoid Android.

Attack from Nowhere!

2015 - Created as part of a Digital Arts class to exercise skills in After Effects animation, and Illustrator. Each student was assigned a random fortune cookie fortune, and tasked with creating a short animation based on and featuring the fortune.

Inspired by the art style of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Day of the Tentacle, I set out to create an animation with a focus on simple shapes and high-quality animation without sacrificing a solid story. Special care was put into the squash and stretch animation used on the starring red ball, the parallax scrolling of the background, and the sound effects.

Music is "Main Title" by Reijiroh Koroku from the film "Godzilla 1984" and "Bass Island" by Takayuki Hattori from the film "Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla".